10 reasons why you should try online dating

Ever meet a really cute guy only to find out he is married or has a girlfriend?  If only there was a way to find out his relationship status, like Facebook, with his relationship status displayed clearly on his shirt.  Well, viola, ladies … there is a solution.



Gone are the days where it is taboo to meet and date someone online.  More and more singles are skipping the bar scene and using the internet to find their potential mate.  In fact, in the last year 17% of couples who married met on a dating site.   In other words, almost 20% of ALL married couples met online.


Here are 10 reasons why you should give online dating a try:

1- He seals the deal quicker.  Statistics show married couples who met online have an average courtship period of 18.5 months. Married couples who met offline courtship period last on average 42 months.  Click here to learn how to be the type of woman a man will propose to…its easier than you think!

2- You know the guys are straight. It is in their profile.  No more having to depend on your “gay-dar”.

3- Knowledge is power. Within seconds of viewing his profile,you find out the 3 important things.  Is he single?  If he likes women?  Is he employed?  (Many sites have this feature; I recommend using a site that does.)

4- Online dating is more cost effective. It is about the price of two martinis a  month with out the hangover.

5- Save your shoes. No one will spill drinks on your new pair of Malono Blahnik strappy sandals.

6- No makeup required. You don’t even have to get all dolled up!  It is in the privacy of your own home.

7- Single men everywhere. The odds of finding single men is almost 100%.  There are a few bad apples who pretend to pose as single when they are not (shame on you guys!).

8- Just say no. Rejecting someone is as easy as pushing a button.  (If only it was this easy in real life!)

9- You will always have a date. No more staying home on the weekends (or weekdays).  In fact, you may have more dates than you can handle!

10- Variety is the spice of life. Online dating gives you access to types of guy you may not meet in your circle.  Want to date a musician?  No problem.

How about a man with a suit?  Done.  The possibility are endless.

Online dating is a great new way for singles to get together.  Remember to have fun with it.  You never know, you’re great guy may just be a click away!

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