10 things to watch out for in his profile


Online dating is fun and a great way to meet new and exciting people.  When screening potential dates, make sure you read his profile and watch out for red flags.  Here are 10 profiles to avoid.


1-  “I just got out of a long relationship.” Chances are, he is still not over his ex, and is on the rebound.


2-  “I am just looking to have a good time.” Translation:  I am looking to get laid.



3-  The “I hate women” speech. His profile consists of a 300 word blog on why women are b*tches.  Obviously, he has some unresolved issue that is better suited for a therapist, not a relationship.



4-  “I just lost my job.” He has alot of stuff going on right now (ie finding a job), and may not be in the best position to devote adequate time to a relationship.  Also, you will probably be paying for the dates.  You have been warned.


5-  “I don’t know why I am on this site.” If he doesn’t know why he is on a dating site, he clearly doesn’t know what he wants.  Don’t waste your time.



6-  The “Hi Beautiful” email. He emails you (and every other female on the site) a generic “you are so beautiful, let’s have dinner” letter.  Like the creepy guy at the bar that hits on ALL the ladies walking by within a 20 feet radius, he is just playing the numbers game.  A guy who is genuinely interested in YOU will read your profile.  Avoid this type.



7-  “I drive a Ferrari to my 1.5 million dollar home” guy. He brags about how much money he makes, the cars he drives, and the bling he owns.  He is using his material items to reel in a woman.  It is a very superficial approach, and the chances of having a sincere, healthy relationship is like trying to hit on a gay man, not gonna happen.  Unless you are seeking a superficial relationship with a superficial man, don’t waste your time.



8- “Got Shirt?” Because he doesn’t.  All his pictures are of him without his shirt.  Unless this guy is an underwear model or a life guard, there is not reason why he can’t have some clothes on.  As tempting as it may look, this guy is looking for FUN.  He is not looking to settle down.  Like a bee, he is looking to pollinate the next flower.  Keep your bud closed.


9- “F**k, Sh*t, and A**” guy. His profile has more curse words than Eminen’s rap songs.  Ladies, what you see is what you get.  Unless you are ok with every sentence laced with a string of four letter words, leave this one alone.



10-  “I don’t like  (fill in the blank).” If he says in his profile that he doesn’t like kids, doesn’t ever want to get married, hate dogs etc, don’t expect to change him.  After reading his profile, ask yourself ,”Are there any deal breakers?”   If the answer is yes, nip the relationship at the bud.  Do not try to change him.  You are only wasting your own time.




Online dating can be a great resource for busy single people.  Remember to play it safe, have fun, and enjoy the dating process.  To learn the secrets on how to increase your chances of having the perfect man propose, click here.

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