6 tips on making a great first date impression

You meet a great guy online (or in person) and the two of you are hitting it off.  After talking on the phone a few times, he asks you out.    That old familiar feeling of butterflies in your stomach appears, and you want to make sure that the date goes well.  Here are 6 tips on how to make a great first date impression:



1-    Pick the right outfit.   A great first date outfit is one that makes you feel sexy and confident, but doesn’t show too much skin.   You want him to be focused on your face and what you are saying, not checking out your cleavage or thinking about sex.   For some great first date outfit tips, read this article.   And make sure to wear shoes you can walk in.  You want to be focused on the date, not how much your feet hurts.



2-    Fresh breath.  Nothing ruins the chances of a first date kiss than bad breath.   Do not order dishes with heavy garlic or onions.  Keep some gum or mints in your purse, and remember to offer some to him as well.



3-    Limit the alcohol.  It is okay to have a few drinks, but make sure you do not go over your limit.   Having a drink or two to relax is fine, but please do not get drunk.   My male clients have told me horror stories of their first date (and last) getting drunk and having to be carried home.  Enough said.



4-    Eat something.   If he is taking you to dinner, don’t just order a salad.  What a man wants is a woman who will share a meal with him.   Many women will eat very little, barely touching their food on a first date, or try to seem like they eat very little.   The fact is, men LIKE it when women eat.  Even if you are on a strict diet, you can find healthy choices at a restaurant.  I have clients who are very health conscious, and still manage to find healthy choices that fit in their diet.    If you are meeting for drinks, make sure you do not drink on an empty stomach.



5-    Read his profile information.  If you are meeting a guy from an online dating site, make sure to read his profile information.   You don’t want to accidentally confuse him for another guy.   I am not saying to recite the information to him; that would be a bit weird and uncomfortable for him.  If you remember a few things about him, it will make it easier to ask good questions and keep the conversation flowing.  If you forget his information, just ask open-ended questions like, “What are some fun things you like to do on your day off?”


6-    Keep phone calls and text to emergencies.  It is rude and inconsiderate.  You wouldn’t want him to do that to you, right?


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