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Are you a single woman looking for love, wanting to attract a guy, whether it is through online dating sites or meeting men in person? Do you want to know what men want, how to flirt, or get your boyfriend back? Do you want to know the secrets to attracting men, understanding men, and what men really want? My name is Annie Chang and I am a dating coach, giving single women looking for true love free dating advice, relationship advice, and online dating advice to help them find love.   From writing dating profiles on how to attract men, giving honest dating advice, and answering relationship questions for single women. If you are want to learn what guys want, how to attract a guy, and have a great relationship, or have a relationship questions, read my dating advice.

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  1. Soooo im a a gay str8 male. What I mean is Im gay but think of every way a straight guy acts talks flirts etc. and bam thats me, LOL. What kinda blogs are you interrested in getting. I have lots of straight girl freinds, and maybe a guys input on here would be awesum. Let me know! Im a f/t student and dont work, so have plenty of time to write in and contibute.

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