Guys are like diamonds in the rough – Sometimes they just need a good polishing


Men are like diamonds in the rough – sometimes they just need a good polishing.  Think about it.  When you first pick up a diamond in its original form, it is just a chunk of stone:  coarse, unimpressive, and dull.  Once it is cut and polished, it becomes a beautiful piece of jewelry.



I recently met a group of men who had the talent of combining the language of drunken redneck hillbillies with all things politically incorrect.  I was appalled by their vocabulary choices, especially since one of the guy’s 15 year old boy was present.  After spending a few days with them, I realized underneath the rough, tough exterior (and the foul language), these guys were classic southern gentlemen.  They were the kind of men who opens the door for women, addresses ladies as “ma’am”, and will go out of their way to help an elderly couple stranded at the side of the road.




In fact, I witnessed firsthand the adoration and respect the boy had for his father.  (How many 15 year old teenage boys walk arm in arm with their dads?)   Many people would kill to have a father-son relationship like that.   His relationship with his wife was just as strong.




Men are like uncut diamonds.  Most of them have good intentions, but may be rough around the edge.  As women, our role is to be patient with men while they learn what pleases us.  This doesn’t mean they will be bad boyfriends/husbands.  It means they need someone to “polish” them to be a refined piece of work.  Click here to learn the secrets on how to be the type of woman a man will do anything for.


Most men learn from the women in their lives.  When they are growing up, they learn from their mothers on the proper way to treat a lady.  When they are in high school, they learn (through trial and error) how to take care of their girlfriend.  As adults, their past relationships guide them on how to treat (and not treat) a woman.




Believe it or not, men WANT to please the woman in their lives.   It really makes them happy to see us happy.   Most men will go out of their way to try and please us.  On behalf of the men that need a little gentle guidance, ladies, give them a chance.   Give them a chance to please you.




He showed up at the first date wearing a shirt that practically glows in the dark.  If the date went well, despite of the fact you had to wear sunglasses to look at him, give him another chance.    Most men need some gentle guidance on fashion.





When you are out on a first date, try to look past the superficial stuff, and get to know the man.  If he has most of the qualities you are looking for in a partner, give him a chance.



Lesson of the day:  Don’t judge a book by the cover.   Give it a chance.   If you had a great time with a man, but there were some minor hiccups, give him a second chance.  Many of my clients have had similar first date hiccups, and went on marrying the guy.  After all, at some point, you can take the neon shirt off.  =)  To learn more about how to develop stronger relationships, click here.


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