How to lose a guy in 10 ways

What not to do in a relationship



Being a couch potato.


#10 – There’s nothing wrong with relaxing, but being in a relationship with a couch potato can get old fast. Go out and do fun things together. This will create new memories for the two of you to bond over.



Always unhappy about your life


#9 – A partner who is constantly in a state of depression and unhappiness can feel like wearing a lead weight. No one wants to be around someone who is always down.



Anger Management Issues are not cool.


#8 – If you’ve ever been in a relationships with someone who has anger management problems, you know the feeling. Angry outburst come from nowhere, and you end up arguing about things that happened weeks or months ago. No thanks.



Drugs are not welcome


#7 – Depending on where you live, the laws pertaining to drug use are in a state of flux. Most men won’t be able to take you seriously if you don’t care about taking care of yourself (jail, anyone?) or taking care of your health (very bad for you).



Being Mean.


#6 – Practical jokes can be fun, but being mean just plain sucks. Treat people how you want to be treated and he will stick around.



Cheating is not nice.


#5 – We all want a partner who is faithful to us, and men rank infidelity just as highly as women do.




Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


#4 – Just like we don’t like going to a guy’s apartment and finding a nasty toilet, guys are the same. Clean up after yourself.




Being mean to others


#3 – We’ve all been on the date where your companion abuses the waitress. You can’t help thinking, “How long before I get this treatment?” Always be nice, and people will reciprocate.




Not being loyal.


#2 – It’s important to a woman for her man to be loyal, and men expect the same. Make sure to stand by him, especially in front of others, even if you don’t agree. Loyalty is sexy.




Liar, Liar, pants on fire…


#1 – Clearly, men feel that no relationship can go forward with a dishonest person, making lying the most popular way to make a man run.


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