Why you should give the short bald guys a chance

Tall, dark, and handsome. As girls, we were taught that our “Prince Charming”, complete with a dashing smile, seductive eyes, and delightful charms, would ride out on his white horse (or the modern version – shiny white BMW), sweep us off our feet, and we live happily ever after. Not one fairly tale features a hero that is short, bald, or husky. (Except for Shriek, but not many girls are looking to marry an ogre.) The little girls grow up to be women with a vision of what their “prince” should look like.



As adults, Hollywood fills our screens with images of what the ideal man should look like. Women watch movies with sexy leading men (of course, he has the perfect six pack abs!), gazing down into their lover’s eyes. She runs her fingers through his thick head of hair (think Grey’s Anatomy’s “McDreamy), share a passionate kiss, and he whisks her off away into the sunset.



The truth is, in the real world, men come in all shape and sizes. The perfect guy may look alot different than what you had imagined. Charlotte, from the hit TV show “Sex and the City”, ended up marrying Harry, a short, bald Jewish guy, and found happiness. In real life, there are plenty of great single guys who have the potential to be everything you are looking for in a partner, minus an inch or two in height. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, “Does an inch really matter when he meets all the other things I am looking for?” As a dating coach, I recommend to all my clients when they are dating online, leave the height option open. Why is that? A man can be just an inch shorter or taller than what you searched for, and you have eliminated him without ever getting a chance to see his profile.



On sites like Spark.com, Perfectmatch.com, Eharmony, or Match, always make sure to leave the height blank if that is an option.  While we may all want a tall, dark, and handsome “Prince Charming”, there are plenty of great guys that may not be 5’10″ or have a full head of hair, but are “Prince Charmings” nevertheless.   Over 50% of men are 5’10″ and under, so if you limit yourself to only dating taller men, you just eliminated half of your options.



By giving the short, bald guys a chance, this does not mean you are lower your standards.  It is simply allowing yourself more opportunities to meet the right guy.  If a guy meets all of the other criteria, such as like ambition, kindness, humor, confidence, and good looks, give him a chance.  Go on a date with him and see if there is any sparks or potential.  Statistics show short men tend to be nicer and more attentive to their partners.  Some even say they make better husbands. (Besides, there are MANY cute guys that are 5’8″ … think Robert Downey Jr!)



When it comes to dating, whether it is meeting each other face-to-face or online, expanding your options will give you a better chance at meeting your  “Prince Charming”.   Most women admit the man they ended up marrying wasn’t exactly what they envisioned, but turned out to be great husbands.  And who knows, he may be even better than you ever imagined!

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